Video & Animation

Limay: Esculpiendo Nuestra Historia (Limay Sculpting Our History)

Limay: Esculpiendo Nuestra Historia (Limay Sculpting Our History) from Art of Solidarity on Vimeo.

In this collaborative piece, I was part of a team instructing high school youth in San Juan de Limay, Nicaragua how to shoot and edit video. I also worked on some production and post-production.

Project Description: "The project was produced through collaborative workshops between students of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and high school students of the Ruben Dario Institute at the Center for Youth and Adolescents. MICA Video students taught basic production skills and mentored a team of 11 Limay youth as they storyboarded and conducted interviews with elders, community leaders and artisans. This is the second year of Art of Solidarity's partnership with Limay to create a sustainable youth media lab and video program. Simultaneously, MICA Mural Arts students taught two mural workshops to 27 youth. Together with the support of professional muralists from Esteli, they painted on Limay's Cultural Center about its artisan history-- how Limay became known for its soft-stone, 'marmolina,' work and its obese women sculptures, 'las gordas.'" 2009

A Dance Called Baltimore: Introduction Video

This is a video montage that was viewed before "A Dance Called Baltimore," a dance performance that took place inside the old North Avenue Market space on August 13-14, 2010. Most of the video work was done by the choreographer, Meghan Flanigan, while the editing was done by me. The subjects of the video are the dancers, all youth in Peabody's Summer Preparatory Program. The words they are reciting are from "Baltimore," a song written and performed by local musicians Saleem Heggins and Caleb Stine.

lluvia : rain

An emotive collage of sound and images depicting my month long journey in Nicaragua this summer. I wasn't expecting to compile the footage I took, so the cuts are pretty random and the narrative is non-existent. Despite lack of quality and preparation, I'm proud of what I accomplished with what little I had to work with. It still manages to capture the emotions I experienced on my trip: the peacefulness of my introduction to Nicaragua during our stay at a crater lake in Masaya, the excitement and loudness of revolutionary celebrations in Estelí and my inner turmoil at the time, and my embracement of the culture, beauty, and people of San Juan de Limay. 2009

Our Home Reclaimed: Baltimore Reborn Through Our Eyes

Alongside the Baltimore '68 Mosaic, I also developed a reflection piece entitled "Our Home Reclaimed: Baltimore Through Our Eyes" in which I experiemented with paint-on-glass animation, video, and photographic mediums to express my feelings about Baltimore as home. I have learned more about my family's history in the city through this work, and it has been an immensely powerful and meaningful journey throughout the the past year. Both the mosaic and video piece focus on the concept of rebirth and hope for Baltimore, as opposed to destruction and fear which seems to be a common view of the city. The poem is recited by several mosaic participants; the sound was edited by Ross Dixon. 2008

Wandlung (Transformation)

A young girl finds something precious in a surreal world, but when she reaches for it, her body becomes deformed and disabled. When facing adversity, do you let it consume you, or do you continue to act and overcome the odds? Can one still be a catalyst for change when all hope seems lost? Our experiences, our struggles, our successes, our failures shape our lives and help us grow into the individual we need to be. Line work done in Flash 8, backgrounds done with watercolor paints. Audio by Ali Salman (Melbourne, AU). 2007


Memories of growing up and achieving self-reliazation, an animation done with acrylic paint on glass. Ru·bi·con (rōō'bĭ-kŏn') n. A limit that when passed or exceeded permits of no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment. (From the The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004.) 2006

Memory (Rhapsody on a Windy Night)

Narrative final project based off a T.S. Eliot poem for an undergraduate class. A lone man remembers a past filled with regret... Sound composed by Ross Dixon. 2005