Public & Community Art

Baltimore '68: Riots and Rebirth Mosaic Monunment


The “Baltimore '68: Riots and Rebirth” initiative sought “to explore the causes and effects of the social unrest in Baltimore after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination in April 1968 and the efforts at civic healing that followed and continue today” ( One of the project’s unique initiatives was the creation of a mosaic monument facilitated by Ralls and collaboratively created with a dozen community members, themselves eyewitnesses to the events of April 1968. Through a series of workshops the mosaic participants, many of whom were profoundly affected by the riots and their aftermath, told their stories through the design of 6"x6" ceramic tiles. These individual story tiles were then incorporated into a larger, life-affirming mosaic, the design of which was the product of workshop dialogue and collective brainstorming. The visionary mosaic will serve as a memorial to the turbulent time of the riots, while preserving a significant piece of Baltimore’s history, instilling a sense of ownership for those involved, and educating and inspiring both present and future generations.

Traum Baum (Dream Tree)


This interactive sculpture was a collaboration with fellow artist Katharine Better as part of an Undergraduate Research Award we received while studying at UMBC. We were fortunate enough to have it exhibited in the Baltimore Museum of Art's siteMaryland exhibit in October '06. We wanted people to write/pledge their dreams and goals on the banners of this maypole-like structure hoping that it would encourage people to achieve their dreams, despite adversities and life's hardships. The children figures holding the banners were painted by children in the College Gardens After School Program.